Authors should abide by the following rules when submitting papers so as to improve scientific quality of their papers and ensure objectivity in paper admission. Paper submissions must be in electronic format only. Deadline for submission is to be notified. Referee reviews are to be started after this date. Papers admitted for poster presentations should be entered in the system electronically. System opening and close-off dates are to be announced for entry for admitted poster presentations. Posters prepared and uploaded after this date shall not be admitted to review for poster award since they will not have been received by poster referees. We kindly ask you not to leave your paper submissions to the last date due to possible last minute stagnation in the system. Please kindly follow the below listed rules when submitting papers:

  • Institution names should be entered as “Radiology ” for university hospitals, “Radiology Clinic” for teaching hospitals, “Radiology Division” for public or private hospitals. Others may be entered as “Imaging Center”.
  • Abbreviations, if any, should be used by following the glossary of abbreviations menu. (e.g. BT for CT, in Turkish).
  • You would possibly shorten the process if you start uploading your papers simply after preparing it on a Word document. Paper abstracts should not exceed a total of 3500 words. Papers exceeding the maximum word limit shall be automatically excluded from the system.
  • In abstracts, min. 2 pictures shall be included for case presentations, whereas min. 3 pictures and/or tables shall be presented for a theme with pictures or an original research work.
  • Title selection (paper group) (e.g. neuroradiology, abdominal radiology, etc) should be done meticulously. Misselection of title may cause exclusion of your paper from review.
  • Please be careful when selecting the type of your presentation. Papers shall be subject to review by referees in 3 groups as “Original Research Paper”, “A Theme With Pictures” and “Case Presentation”. Each group shall have different review criteria. Please select your presentation type correctly for review of your paper according to proper criteria.
  • Please check your presentation type as “Oral Presentation” or “Poster” when uploading. Some of the oral presentations may be recategorized by the jury as poster presentation after scoring.
  • “A Theme With Pictures” and “Case Presentations” shall be only considered as posters.
  • Your paper shall be reviewed by two unrelated expert jurors. During this review, each juror shall be asked to submit a commitment for not reviewing his/her own paper. Each juror shall make his/her review by following the review criteria provided by the Scientific Board of TURKRAD 2016. In case of a significant discrepancy in scoring of two jurors or in case of necessity, the same paper may be presented to a 3rd juror for further review.
  • The criteria to be followed when reviewing papers are defined by the Scientific Board of TURKRAD 2016. These criteria include authenticity of the study or case presentation, its contribution to literature, prospective or retrospective nature of the study, proper statistical evaluation, presence of a new technique or methodology, comparison of different imaging modalities or radiology-pathology findings, quality of radiological images to the extend of diagnostic value, meticulous preparation or spelling of the paper. Please keep in mind that your paper is to be reviewed according to above listed criteria.

The selected “Oral Presentations” and “Posters” will be identified after being filtered by the Scientific Board from among the studies having received the highest scores in both categories.